Highly Tuned Athletes

Highly Tuned Athletes commenced business 7yrs ago as Australia’s only dedicated Heart Rate Monitor Store and has evolved to become an Electronic Sporting Equipment specialist. Owner Rob Grinter has always held a fascination of all things techno and geeky, so starting the business was a natural choice.

Walk into the shop and you can see the enthusiasm is contagious. These guys know what they are talking about. All staff live day to day with the products that they sell, they use them and they know how they work. When not at work the guys are runners, riders, event organisers and co-ordinators of events.

In addition HTA sponsor and partner a crew of hi-profile elite endurance athletes. Go to any ultra event and chances are the HTA boys are either organising it, sponsoring it, competing in it, or all the above. Rigorous field testing is the only way to really evaluate sports equipment.

Not an elite athlete? You don’t need to be, HTA deal with everything from the casual fun runner or weekend ride warrior to weight loss clients. So don’t be intimidated by the business name, we’re not all ‘highly tuned’! Often the most appropriate model is not the most expensive, it’s all about fitting to the clients needs. HTA often downgrade customers to better suit their expectations, needs and ease of use. What is not apparent from the street front is that HTA also operates a top level online eStore, as well as full on-site tech support and repair service for clients, and compression clothing and sports energy supplements.

If you buy a product from HTA, rest assured its backed by full service. HTA are fiercely loyal to their customer base, Rob has identified this as a key part of service and it’s what has made HTA so successful to date… try getting service and support on a heart rate monitor you bought Duty Free at an airport. HTA technical expertise is re-known, they know the products inside out, and can fully explain the features, functions and minor differences between models. We’re talking full DEFcon 4 dork status. No secret or surprise, HTA is the biggest reseller of Garmin products in Australia.

So drop in and visit Rob and the guys at the Hampton Street store (579 Hampton Street, Ph 9598 7888) If techno wizardry and hi tech gadgets confuse or even intimidate you the guys will set you at ease straight away. If you know your stuff ask them some tuff questions and see how they hold up. Highly Tuned Athletes is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.


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