Shakes Juice & Icecream Bar

Shakes has been a local favourite operating for over ten years at 405 Hampton Street.

But things changed just over two years ago, when mum and daughter team Rachael and Deb took over the reigns. To make it a real family affair, the girls are helped out by daughter Chelsea, and her husband Ton who are also part owners. Since taking over Rachael and Deb have transformed Shakes from a traditional Ice Cream bar to a fresher offering with more healthy juices and new smoothies, as well as the ice creams. Rach and Deb both came from corporate backgrounds, they were looking for a new start, wanting to work hard for themselves and do something ‘non’ corporate! So, welcome to the world of Juices and Ice Creams! The girls love having direct relationships with customers they can actually see, and being part of a strong local community.

So now Shakes offer the lot; Freshly Squeezed Juices, Smoothies, Shakes, Ice Cream and custom made Ice Cream Cakes. The ice cream cakes in particular have developed a huge following for their custom, home made designs. Deb makes them to order to whatever the customers design request. The Fresh juice angle responds to the desire in the community for healthy eating options, so they added more greens like spinach, cucumber, broccoli and even zucchini. How good are the juices? Shakes was winner of the 2013 Great Australian Juice competition with their ‘Lean Green’ juice.

The Ice Cream? It’s premium Norgen-Vaaz, with over 30 flavours and 6 sorbets. There’s the usual favourites that everyone knows and loves, as well as some exotics. Try the Oreo Cookie Dough, White Choc & Raspberry, or the indulgent New York Chunky Choc (rich choc ice cream, choc fudge, and chocolate pieces)! If you want something absolutely irresistible, try the new ‘Rock Salt Caramel’ we defy you to resist!

Judging by the hordes of school kids that jam in every day Shakes is well loved. Of course it’s not just kids, but mums, dads, anyone… who doesn’t love good juice and ice cream? Tradie’s are huge early in the morning, going for healthy energy packed starters like ‘Protein Punch’ smoothies. Heaps of grand parents bring in the little ones for an ice cream treat, and even teenagers come in for cleansing lean green juices and smoothies. Deb says it’s all about providing the best quality local fresh products, at the most affordable prices, we don’t disagree.

Shakes has also introduced an ‘Our Locals Love’ board where they feature favourites from regular customers from local businesses who have concocted their own recipes. Grown men have been known to come in and order ‘Bubble Gum’ thick shakes. It’s ok, we laugh with you when you’re trying to rediscover your childhood, you’re never too old for a shake (Blue Heaven anyone?) To cater for the early risers Shakes now opens at 7.30am Monday to Friday, and in summer is open late through to 9pm 7 days a week. During the Winter months they add warmer menu items like authentic Belgian waffles (try them with maple syrup and cinnamon ice cream, or smothered in Nutella for the kids), as well as warm smoothies and organic herbal teas.

Pop in and grab a juice at 405 Hampton Street, call 9598 3833.

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