Hampton Station to join Zone 1!

State government plans to scrap Zone 2.

Yesterday the Napthine government announced plans to scrap the zoning system for Melbourne’s public transport. This means an overhaul of zone 2, making travel within all of Melbourne a flat rate. Hampton Station is currently the second to last stop on the Sandringham line yet the first zone 2 station.

The scrapping of zone 2 is great news for all Hampton residents, businesses and workers – meaning travel to and from Hampton will be significantly cheaper. Currently a Zone 1 & 2 ticket costs $12.12 a day, deeming public transport too expensive for many. This should bring the cost down for zone 1 and 2 commuters by about $5.

This change will result in Hampton Street being more accessible for people coming from other parts of Melbourne, and that’s exactly what we want – more people coming to enjoy our beautiful and vibrant street.

The change is set to take effect on the 1 January. Check out the full story over on The Age website.

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