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Hampton Street Traders Association is a not for profit organisation run by and for traders for the purpose of promoting and marketing Hampton Street

A Special Rate for Hampton Street

The Hampton Street Traders Association (HSTA) is currently seeking support for a Special Rate for Hampton Street.

We are proposing a Special Rate because the current HSTA volunteer committee cannot continue to operate.

Without a sustainable reliable income stream, we may have to stop all our marketing including this website, Facebook, Dad’s Super Saturday, Halloween and all the behind-the-scenes work was done by the volunteers Committee.

Special Rate Hampton Street Traders Association

Why a Special Rate?

The proposal is the result of research commissioned by HSTA into what makes a successful shopping strip. The research showed that shopping precincts where all the traders work together are far more successful.

The Special Rate would create a pool of funds to resource a dedicated Marketing and Business Manager to implement a Business Plan to promote Hampton Street.
Special Rate charges are Tax Deductible as an outgoing business marketing expense.  All commercial businesses on Hampton Street from Crisp Street to South Road would be included in the Special Rate scheme.

Special Rate Hampton Street Traders Association

More Information:

Research commissioned by HSTA

Business Plan for Hampton Street

Letter to Hampton Street Property Owners

Letter to Hampton Street Traders

Questions and Answers on the Special Rate Proposal


Hampton Street Traders and Property Owners are invited to an Information Session at 6.00pm on Wednesday 30th March 2016 at the Hampton Community Centre in Willis Street. The HSTA Committee will present an overview of the proposal and take questions.

We encourage all traders and owners to vote on the proposed Special Rate using the Voting Form contained in your mailed Information Pack. You can also vote here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SS5TQGC


For queries, please email info@hamptonstreet.com.au.

Special Rate Hampton Street Traders Association