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Hampton Street will be doing its best to make a show at this years hugely popular 'Bright N Sandy' festival. Street stalwarts Sebastian's Food & Wine and well as Esspresso Elements Cafe will both be in attendance Sebastian's have a double marquee this year due to their massive popularity from last year.

Bek and the team will be serving up delicious treats to keep the masses fed and watered, yum! And we all know where the best coffee in Bayside comes form - get there early to beat the queue to the Espresso Elements stall!

So get down to Greens Point on sunday and support these two fantastic businesses who are carrying the flag for Hampton Street. Tens of thousands of people turn up for this event every year, it is a cracker. This year will be no exception with and blue skies and record crowds forecast.

The festival is in fact closer to Hampton Street than either Brighton shops or Sandy village, so show bayside there is in fact a 'Hamp' between 'Bright' N' 'Sandy' Let's get on the map! Who knows next year we might have three or even four Hampton Street businesses to turn up. How about the.. "Hamp N Sand Bright" festival?

Click here for more details of the event.

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